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Individuals or companies looking to buy a business often struggle with how to find the right company that meets all of their goals and needs. The experts at BEACON can help ensure that any Wisconsin business acquisition will be handled in an effective manner for both buyer and seller.


Purchasing a Business

When looking for businesses for sale, you’ll need to know the health of the business, its outstanding debts and its growth potential, in addition to any other factors that might impact the purchase negotiations. With a great deal of experience in mergers and acquisitions, BEACON is prepared to effectively answer all your questions regarding the process of acquiring a business.

Perhaps most important, anyone who wants to buy a business needs assurance that the seller is both serious and truthful. Through careful assessment and vetting, BEACON will ensure any potential business acquisition is on the level and that the seller is committed to making the transition. Finally, we provide our buyers with all information necessary to make am informed decision regarding the sale or merger.


Providing Personalized Client Assistance

Unlike some brokerage firms, BEACON Business Group understands that a buyer needs personalized assistance to ensure the best possible outcome. For this reason, our brokers only take on a maximum of four to five clients at any given time, ensuring that every client receives the service he or she deserves. When combined with the more than 50 years of experience BEACON’s brokers have in the field of mergers and acquisitions, you can have confidence that you are working with a highly skilled advisor who will focus on your individual needs.


Other Merger and Acquisition Related Services

Through the BEACON Buyer’s Agency program, we provide a wide range of services to assist buyers in finding the right business to buy. We will ensure that a buyer is fully aware of the company’s financial health and likely prospects. BEACON will ensure that all transaction information is kept in strict confidence by both parties. These measures will help both parties arrive at a mutually satisfactory and profitable agreement for the purchase of the business.

Purchasing a business is an important choice that can have long-term implications for the buyer. When looking at businesses for sale, it is vital to obtain professional assistance in coming to a final purchase agreement. With our knowledgeable and experienced staff, BEACON Business Group can make certain that the buyer is well satisfied with their purchase.

Call us today at (414) 988-6022 or (608) 828-9990 to see if the BEACON Buyer’s Agency program is right for you.

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