Run Your Private Company Like It’s Public

Run Your Private Company Like It’s Public

You may be years from wanting to sell, but starting to formalize your operations now will help you predict the future of your business. Then when it does come time to sell, you’ll fetch more for what you’ve built because acquirers pay the most for companies when they are less risky.

Prepare for the Unexpected

Prepare for the Unexpected

This article, published recently in the International Business Brokers Association’s “Main Street News” email newsletter, is targeted to business brokers. But the information shared is critical for business owners who want to be prepared to sell one day–and to weather unexpected life emergencies that can adversely affect the value of their companies.

Why You Should Sell Your Business While You’re Ahead

Why You Should Sell Your Business While You’re Ahead

The very best time to sell your business is when someone wants to buy it. While it can be tempting to continue to grow your business forever – particularly when things are going well — that decision comes with a significant downside. Consider the story of Rand Fishkin who started his entrepreneurial journey when he joined his mother’s marketing agency as a partner.

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